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Single Distlefink Hex SignSingle Distlefink Hex Sign
 History and Care of
Hex Signs

     About 300 years ago, groups of religious refugees from the Rhine region of Germany migrated to southeastern Pennsylvania. These settlers, peasant farmers, came to take advantage of the religious freedom being offered by William Penn. They included Amish,  Mennonites, Lutherans and other Reformed groups. These people became known as "Pennsylvania Dutch". 
     Bringing their old world customs and traditions to Pennsylvania. The "fancy" farmers decorated their distinctive bank barns with large, colorful geometric patterns. Mystical bird and floral designs graced birth and marriage certificates, family bibles and some furniture. These very colorful symbols, now called hex signs
are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, related to frakturs, found in the Fancy Dutch tradition, had meanings or "legends". A design was selected based on both its aesthetics and meaning for the family.
     There are two opposing schools of belief regarding the derivation of the name. The term hex with occult connotations may derive from the Pennsylvanian German word "hex" (German "Hexe", Dutch "Heks"), meaning "witch." However the term "hex sign" was not used until the 20th Century, after 1924 when Wallace Nutting's book Pennsylvania Beautiful was published.  Nutting, who was not a Pennsylvania native, interviewed farmers about their distinctive barn decoration. Many Pennsylvania German farmers simply called the signs "blumme" or "schtanne" (meaning flowers or stars). However one farmer used the term "Hexefoos" in his description. The term became popular with Pennsylvania Germans themselves during the tourist trade of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
     In recent years, hex signs have come to be used by non-Pennsylvania Dutch persons as talismans for folk magic rather than as items of decoration. Some view the designs as decorative symbols of ethnic identification, possibly originating in reaction to 19th century attempts made by the government to suppress the Pennsylvania German language. Anabaptist sects (like the Amish and Mennonites) in the region have a negative view of hex signs. It is not surprising that hex signs are rarely, and perhaps never, seen on an Amish or Mennonite household or farm.
     Throughout the 20th century, hex signs were often produced as commodities for the tourist industry in Pennsylvania. These signs could be bought and then mounted onto barns and used as household decorations. Johnny Ott and Eric and Johnny Claypoole are considered to have contributed to this hex sign revival or adaptation. Modern artists may stress the symbolic meanings, for example,
 sun wheel for warmth and fertility, hearts for love, birds (called Distlefink) for good luck and happiness, tulips for faith and stars for luck. The specific colors used also had meaning: red for your emotions, yellow for love of man and the sun, green for growing things, blue for protection, white for purity, and brown for Mother Earth.
Johnny Claypoole, began painting hex signs in 1962.  Johnny was taught by the legendary Johnny Ott, the self-proclaimed "Dr. of Hexology".  Johnny's career in painting hex signs spanned nearly four decades.  He was featured on the Charles Kuralt "On the Road" program and on the game show :What's my Line?".  He was also a regular on the Captain Noah children's program.  Johnny and Eric have been exhibiting their wares at the Kutztown Folk Festival continually since 1962.
     Today there are only a few actual Hex Sign artists that will hand paint a Hex Sign For Sale and only a hand-full of silk screen manufactures that duplicate signs affordable for everyone to use.
Most hex symbols are screened using four paint colors. Each color is applied as a separate step with about a day allowed for the paint to air dry before applying the next color. It's only after the fourth or final color is applied that the hex design becomes recognizable. AS to who first silkscreened hex signs is controversial.
     Hex signs are now being enjoyed throughout the world. Their color, beauty, originality and affordability make them unusual delightful gifts for family and friends.  

My artist use modern day materials 1/8" thick high quality tempered sign board,
high quality paints and manufacturing techniques to preserve outdoor life
and to enhance the beauty of the signs.

My silkscreen artist creates their signs at their facility and all are 100% American Made Signs.

Symbol Meanings

The Symbol

Its Meaning




Eternity or Infinity

Distelfink (Bird)

Good Luck and Happiness


Peace and Contentment


Good Health, Strength and Courage

Four Pointed Star

Bright Day


Love and Kindness

Horse Head

Protect Animals from Disease and Building from Lightning

Maple Leaf


Oak Leaf


Quarter Moons (4)

Four Seasons of the Year


Abundance, Fertility, Rain


Good Luck. Keep Away Bad Luck and Evil


Good Luck

Triple Star

Success, Wealth and Happiness



Tulips (Trinity - 3)

Faith, Hope and Charity

Twelve Pointed Rosette

A Joyous Month for Each Month of the Year


Virtue and Piety. Belief in God

Wavy Border

Smooth Sailing Through Life

Suggestions for Hanging

Indoor Use

Indoors: Put one small nail or screw in the Center of the Hex Sign.

Outdoor Use

Outdoors: 8" Size: Put one small rustproof screw (Brass) in the center of the Hex Sign. Larger Sizes: Drill 3 (16" size) to 4 (24" size) small holes, equally spaced, near the outer edge of the Hex Sign and attach with rustproof (Brass) screws or nails. For a longer life, seal back and outside edge of the Hex Sign with a UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating, such as KRYLON UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating #1305. You may also spray coat the front of the Hex Sign using the spray recommended if you are very careful and follow the coatings directions closely.


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